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This is a great idea from master puppeteer Chris Somerville.
You have a bear called Benbow but he keep disappearing.
You show his picnic blanket which is also a bag which is
empty. One of the children helps to finish off a drawing of Benbow and the picture is put into the bag. Benbow then appears from the bag and can help with tricks or play a xylophone whatever you want him to do. It ends with him disappearing again and the child who helped gets their picture back to take home.
It comes complete with the bag, a board for the pictures, a
magic wand and a colour changing silk. We can supply an additional identical puppet if you wanted to work with him behind a table or fit up after the appearance of the bear.
This puppet is very comfortable to use and having minimal padding will be able to handle many items with ease.

Benbow The Bear

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