Here is Mark II of an effect we first put out last year, but don’t worry if you bought the original we have an offer for you at the end of this page. This revamp of Jack Hughes Skeleton in the Cupboard by kind permission of Derek Lever and Taurus Magic has a pirate theme and a great fully scripted story routine from Craig Petty it comes complete with Davy Jones locker, the tube made in aluminium, the skeleton and pirate coins. You tell the story of Billy Bones, a ghost pirate who has been cursed for hundreds of years. Billy lives in Davey Jones Locker and has been cursed so that every morning when he wakes up he is standing on his head. The magicians tells the audience that the only way to break the curse is by getting the treasure back. Magically the treasure comes back and Billy Head ends up just where it’s meant to be on his body!!!! In addition by simply placing the brickwork sleeve over the tube and reversing the blocks you now have Santa and the Chimney. This comes with a great routine byCraig Petty again where you tell of the curse put on Santa by the Grinch which threatens to wreck Christmas, every time Santa tries to deliver a present down the chimney he finds himself standing on his head. With the help of the children you put it all right and save Christmas. That’s the bare bones of it, but if you knowCraig you will know there is more to it than that.

Billy Bones