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A great children's effect from Smartie Artie. Once again another real winner with colour, audience participation and loads of entertainment value. An attractive circus tent is shown but it is empty. Where are the clowns? Out they come, Mr Blue Mr Yellow both sad with no hats and Mr Green also sad because he has a white hat. The magician finds the hat bag and out come the hats, colours are misnamed, two children help but only get some of the colours right. A third child needs some help, out comes the magic wands, all the business and eventually the bag is shown to contain only three white hats. The bag is torn open. The coloured hats are all gone. The magician looks into the circus tent and finds all of the clowns, now looking happy, each wearing their coloured hat. A solid wooden piece of apparatus for the working professional who wants only the best. Measures 1.5 inches x 12 inches, approximately half an inch thick.


(Made to order)

Clever Clowns

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