Cute KittensBy Terry BurgessScreened on to giant cards in full colour, three kittens are shown sitting on a fence. Scruffy's kennel is shown and opened but it's empty. So where is scruffy hiding ?When he is found the children watch as he chases the kittens, Huff, Puff and Hughie all around.After some by play Scruffy is turned around to stop him looking at the kittens. This card is placed in the middle of the fence with a kitten either side of him. This leaves no room for the third kitten. That one is placed into the kennel which is turned around and the back of the kitten can be seen through a round hole.The kitten is hiding from Scruffy.The kittens on the fence are eventually turned around after more confusion. Which of the cards on the fence is Scruffy ?Finally all cards are turned round to show that the kittens are safe on the fence but Scruffy is in the kennel chained up so that he cannot chase them any more.This is a summary of the routine which comes complete with some really good lines, plenty of audienceinvolvement and our usual high standard of  quality prop with the fence/card stand and kennel made out of wood attractively screened.

Cute Kittens