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Produced with permission from Derek Lever of Taurus Magic we have been able to recreate this great effect from The Jack Hughes archive. Keeping the classic artwork of the original prop we have had a new dog designed and the mechanism slightly modified which means that the dog runs far more freely.
A great deal of work has gone into creating what we feel is a real quality piece of equipment for the professional entertainer. These will be produced
to special order .
Bonzo is a greedy young puppy who likes to run from his luxurious kennel over to the bone store to take a crafty bone. Every time he comes into view the children let you know. He can travel back and forth between the sheds and he can pop out at the side of the shed. Bonzo stays one step ahead of the magician but eventually he disappears altogether and both doors front and back are opened to show that he has gone. You can then produce him from wherever you choose.
This one has everything, a giant colourful prop which will lie fl at in your case, a logical plot, visual movements and laughs galore. Made in wood with the graphics fully coated to prevent scratching.

Run Bonzo Run

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