This comes with three top routines. For the older children Sam the Slipper is the ghost who lives in a haunted art gallery and here it is - you know what a gallery is its where they hang pictures. You introduce the children to Sam and decide to see if you can get him to put a picture of your helper in the gallery. You draw a chalk picture of your victim on a slate and put it into your bat bag. This is a fabric bag, which is bright orange with flying bats on it. It is also your haunting hat which you demonstrate coincidentally proving that the bag is empty. You put the picture in the bag and it immediately appears in the gallery, Sam theSlipper has slipped out and is now in the bag . You put him back in the gallery but he vanishes again and is back in the bag - or is he ??? - NO but he has left a message. You can end with a card for the helper if you wish. The second routine for younger children is ‘Sammy the Spook’ by Loony Lenny a great version for that age group. Finally you can use this equipment to perform Len Belcher’s ‘ Blythe Spirit ‘. This was put out by the Supreme Magic Company and is reproduced with kind permission from Paul Anthony of Magic Supreme. You get the Haunted House, the slate, the flaps and the bat  bag, together with the three great routines.

Sam The Slipper