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For a long time we have thought that it would be useful to have a clear and concise guide to looking after your voice and developing it as a performer. Anything we have found has been long winded and laboured. So we are delighted that our good friend a renowned theatre director and vocal coach James Dodding (his CV is just amazing) in collaboration with Aimee has produced an excellent manual called The Magic of Your Voice, a guide to developing your voice, clarifying your speech, projecting your voice and caring for it. In addition as anyone who has done any formal training as an actor will know there is immense benefit in using vocal warm ups before a performance. James has recorded a series of warm ups that you can play on the CD in your vehicle en route to a gig ensuring your voice is at its optimum when you need to project it, without strain and without shouting.These two items were made available for the first time at Kidology this year but they are now available by post. They are exclusive to Albion Magic and cost just £11 for the pair including postage in UK other countries £16 including postage.

The Magic Of Your Voice Booklet And Cd(Outside UK)

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